TLC Mindfulness Mentor


TLC Mindfulness Mentor is a mindfulness and brain training coach in San Jose, California. The challenge: coming up with the proper design to showcase Tracey's personality and identity for getting new business around the world.


Website Development

We designed a coaching website for a mindfulness and brain training coach using WordPress CMS with a Mailchimp setup.

Web Management

We manage the content and updates for TLC Mindfulness Mentor through out Standard web management plan.

“I highly recommend Tenaya Digital’s website design services. Jack is talented and very easy to work with and incredibly patient. We created a new design template that he had not worked with before and he figured out how to make it work. I am thrilled with the results. He can customize and design a site to be whatever you want. The price is very fair, especially for all the time he spends working with you to make it the way you want it. This was my third experience working with designers to create a website and it was the best, because Jack really listened, and he followed the examples that I liked from other people’s websites and he incorporated them into my site.”

Tracey Chew

TLC Mindfulness Mentor
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