Tenaya is a technology & advertising company that uses creative methods to grow businesses.

Tenaya, is derived from Chief Tenaya of the Ahwahnechee people in Yosemite Valley. It also happens to be the middle name of our founder, Jack Tenaya Jorgensen. We use green in our logo because we have a passion for contributing to environmental reforestation projects. The feather in our logo is meant to symbolize the Native American routes that Tenaya has. The hexagonal shape (six is a sacred number for the goddess Venus) is symbolic of love, beauty, prosperity, and victory. These are principles that have driven Tenaya from its inception.

July, 2017

Tenaya Digital Founded

May, 2018

Partnership with One Tree Planted

August, 2018

Tenaya, LLC Formed

September, 2018

Launched Tenaya WP

Tenaya Brands

Tenaya, LLC is a holding company for our revenue generating businesses along with our philanthropic subsidiary, Tenaya Foundation.

Digital Advertising Business - working with small companies on branding, web services, and content development.

the holding company for the Tenaya assets & brands.

SaaS company providing B2B WordPress Support services.



Jack T. Jorgensen

Vice President

Christine Berryhill

Branding Advisor

Garrett Johnson

Web & Content Manager

Andrew Tobin

we focus on building businesses that drive our vision of creating a powerful & convenient experience on the web